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Mental Health is You - How are you doing? Free Self-Assessment

Are Positive Post-Pandemic Growth and mental health a reality? As we transition into the next COVID-19 phase, there seems to be a bombardment of “how to care for ourselves and others” messages such as:


  • yoga
  • mindfulness
  • to breathe
  • to create a calming environment
  • to be a resilient parent
  • a to be a peace-filled professional

With the newest normal upon us, individuals and organizations are challenged with facing an uptick in mental health issues. With May being Mental Health Awareness month, looking back at 2020 seems extremely relevant for this topic. The pandemic was a new experience that hit not all but most of society in terms of mental health.

In June of 2020, during the COVID-19 outbreak and global shutdowns, the CDC conducted multiple surveys around the topic of mental health. Statistically significant with nearly 6,000 respondent completions revealed compelling findings:

  • 40.9% reported an adverse mental or behavioral health condition [Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report]
    • 30.9% with anxiety/depressive disorders
    • 26.3% with TSRD (traumatic stress response disorder)
    • 13.3% with increased substance use to cope
    • 10.7% who seriously contemplated suicide

Learning for personal and professional development requires a psychologically safe environment. Yet, as the research tells us, we are collectively overwhelmed. It is understandable to not know where to start. In service to Positive Post-Pandemic Growth and mental health, this blog series aims to help us identify that very first step. Hint: It may be reading this blog series and becoming aware of the resources available for support and guidance!

Throughout this blog series, Mental Health is You, we will share resources we have identified and tried for stress reduction, easing anxiety, and resilience building. Our overall goal is to help learners and learning professionals apply the use of mindfulness, empathy, and compassion training and development in Meaningful, Motivational, Memorable, and Measurable ways.

Let us start with this easy-to-complete, free online stress (non-medical) quiz. Keep track of your total as you answer each question! 

Services - Mental health Month Self Assessment (1)


Above 26

Good news! This score may indicate you have a store of high resilience. Keep up the great work and remember to continue to your self-care practices. Check out our blog series for new ideas to add to your current regime.


Strong work! This score may indicate that you are moderately resilient. Continue to invest in yourself by purposefully increasing your wellness practices. 

Below 18

You are not alone. Many people are feeling compassion fatigue or emotional exhaustion. This score may indicate a current level of low resilience. The good news is there are many ways to refresh and rebuild your resilience. We have many free resources identified for you, in upcoming blogs.


Current research reveals that people’s brains tend to enter a default mode of hyper-vigilance which fosters increased anxiety and stilted communication when they are not “fully present” or psychologically safe. This "Mental Health is You" blog series is here to help learners and learning professionals apply the use of mindfulness, empathy, and compassion in Meaningful, Memorable, Motivational, and Measurable ways. 


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About Author

Dr. Christina Barss
Dr. Christina Barss

Dr. Christina Barss is an experienced industry subject matter expert in improvement sciences and organizational culture change. Her unique blend of practical, academic, and art perspectives creates custom operational and employee engagement solutions that transform the bottom line. For example, her PhD in sustainable systems design focused on disparately located interprofessional teams in transition during lean transformation at a large, midwestern, urban, academic medical center. Dr. Barss' 12 years in healthcare were filled leading strategic enterprise-level initiatives to improve patient safety, quality, service, and innovation as well as teaching and coaching executives. From C-suite to frontline, she connects seamlessly and guides others in building trust bridges. Her continuous improvement science foundation began in the manufacturing industry. She presents nationally and internationally on design thinking, change management, organizational culture, corporate learning, executive education, and succession planning.

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