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10 Learning Design Blogs to Draw Inspiration From

When searching on Google for "Learning Design Blogs", a staggering amount of more than 117,000,000 search results appear. With this overwhelming amount of information, it can be very hard to determine which blogs are credible and a valuable use of time to read.

Not to worry, there are some fantastic learning design blogs that we feel are well worth your time and will provide valuable information! 

10 learning design blogs to get inspiration from:


1.  Kapp Notes

Karl Kapp, renowned gamification expert (among many other titles), publishes Kapp Notes, a blog discussing valuable information and insights on gamification, learning and development.  

2. The eLearning coach

Connie Malamed, the eLearning Coach, publishes a wealth of learning content and instructional design strategies, tips, and best practices. Connie also publishes helpful reviews on hardware and software products and books.  

3. quinnovation

Clark Quinn, a recognized leader in learning technology strategy, publishes Quinnovation which offers personable and insightful experiences and knowledge about learning, technology, e-learning, design and much more.  

4. will at work learning

Will Thaleimer's blog, Will At Work Learning, translates extensive research-based learning information into practical and actionable wisdom. As the founder of Work-Learning Research, Will offers valuable and reputable content backed by his extensive research. 

5.  eLearning Industry

The eLearning Industry blog collection offers an immense library of blogs written by some of the industry's top authors. These blogs cover topics such as instructional design, gamification, social learning, and mobile learning, among many others. The eLearning Feeds site ranks and scores hundreds of top e-learning blogs showcasing very reputable and valuable blogs. 

6. ATD Learning & Development Community Blog

The Association for Talent Development hosts a community blog that posts reputable blogs from learning & development professionals. This is an excellent source to access blogs from a diverse range of credible authors that can share different perspectives and experiences regarding learning and development. 

7. Cathy Moore

Cathy Moore, an internationally recognized training designer, publishes a learning blog that is full of ideas to will help you design lively training and e-learning scenarios. The blog posts are a great reflection on Cathy's advocacy for improving business performance by respecting and deeply challenging people, and for a focus on designing an engaging experience for learners.      

8. Lou Russell

Lou Russell, the CEO of Russell Martin Associates, inspires improvement in leadership, project management and individual growth, and shares humorous and informative experiences through her blog. 

9. Learning Solutions Magazine

Learning Solutions Magazine, a highly reputable publication for learning technology, strategy, and news, publishes articles that cover a broad range of emerging topics including design, development, and training strategies, as well as professional development. 

10. Julie Dirksen

Julie Dirksen's blog is a fantastic resource for all instructional designers. Julie is an author, instructional designer, and consultant that believes in designing for how people learn. She writes about principles of how people learn and how to apply those to instructional design. 

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