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Designing e-Learning for Maximum Motivation

Tuesday, September 20th - 1:00 PM CDT


Instructional design processes for e-learning are so often stuck on simply reprocessing content for online presentation. Sometimes simplistic questioning is added to increase the involvement. Unfortunately, this results in learners going through the motions of learning with none of the benefits. Learning, especially when it is undertaken on an individualized bases as e-learning is, requires ACTIVE involvement and effort from the learner; learning can’t be accomplished through brute force.

The missing ingredient in most e-learning design approaches is that issues of motivation are left at the periphery of the design…if addressed at all, it is often through superficial media treatments or poorly-integrated game or story elements. In truth, planning for individual motivation needs to be at the core of any plan for designing instruction for online delivery.

describe the imageJoin Ethan Edwards, chief instructional strategist at Allen Interactions, on Tuesday, September 20, at 1:00 pm, CDT, where he will explore the importance of motivation in the design framework and will present several specific design strategies and illustrate them using actual online training programs for creating maximally motivating lessons. At issue will be considerations of content scope, difficulty, judgment, leveling, content placement, and user control.


    • Analyze the importance of motivation in a design framework.
    • Apply several specific design strategies for creating maximally motivating lessons. 
    • Examine design considerations for content, scope, difficulty, judgment, leveling, content placement, and user control.

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