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Beyond Training: How Sales Enablement Boosts Confidence & Competence for Maximum ROI

In 2023, sales enablement training continues to play a crucial role in the success of businesses. With economic uncertainty and global factors from the pandemic still impacting many organizations, teams are looking to upskill, reskill, and advance their teams effectively to efficiently utilize resources for better ROI.

According to G2, sales and marketing misalignment costs companies approximately $1 trillion each year in decreased sales productivity and wasted marketing efforts. In a global economy that's still reeling from the lingering effects of COVID-19 impacts, it takes an all-star sales team to help connect with potential prospects, faster sales periods, and processes that delight customers and leave them feeling confident in their purchases. In this article, we’ll unpack how sales enablement training can lead to stronger, more focused, and more successful revenue generation in your organization. 

Defining Sales Enablement

A common misconception in corporate training is that sales enablement and sales training are one and the same - but these critical skills go far beyond sales representative training. While sales enablement often involves sales process training, sales training on its own is not considered sales enablement. 

Sales enablement is a more holistic approach that involves creating a seamless and efficient sales ecosystem that enhances overall sales performance beyond revenue operations teams. Sales enablement focuses on the alignment of tools, and processes to support the sales team throughout the customer journey. These tools and strategies are designed to empower sales teams with the right content, information, and technology to engage buyers effectively and close deals successfully. 

Sales training, on the other hand, focuses on improving the skills and capabilities of individual sales representatives. Custom sales training is designed to enhance product knowledge, sales techniques, objection handling, negotiation skills, and other aspects directly related to the sales process. The primary goal of sales training is to equip salespeople with the necessary tools to excel in their day-to-day selling activities.

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Sales Training Typically Focuses On:

  • Product Knowledge: Training on the features, benefits, and unique selling points of the products or services being offered.
  • Sales Techniques: Teaching sales representatives various selling techniques, methodologies, and best practices to close deals effectively.
  • Communication Skills: Enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication skills to build rapport with customers and deliver compelling sales pitches.
  • Objection Handling: Preparing salespeople to address common objections and turn them into opportunities.
  • Closing Strategies: Training on different closing techniques to successfully secure deals with customers.


What’s Included in Sales Enablement Training?

Sales enablement or revenue enablement training is critical to any company that is looking to hone its competitive edge in today’s turbulent market. Being able to Sales enablement not only

  • Content Access & Alignment: Providing sales reps with easy access to relevant, up-to-date, and valuable content that aligns with various stages of the buyer's journey.
  • Refining & Understanding Buyer Personas: Training salespeople on understanding and adapting to different buyer personas, their pain points, and specific needs.
  • Technology Integration: Familiarize sales reps with sales enablement tools, CRM systems, and other technology to streamline their processes and improve productivity.
  • Sales Process Support: Assisting sales reps in navigating complex sales processes and providing resources to address customer challenges effectively.
  • Promoting Collaboration Among Sales and Marketing: Promoting collaboration between sales and marketing teams to ensure that sales reps receive marketing support and that content aligns with sales goals.
  • Staying Informed in a Competitive Market: As we have already seen in the first half of the year, the market is already more competitive than ever before. Businesses are vying for the attention of increasingly informed and demanding customers. Sales enablement provides sales teams with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to differentiate their offerings, build relationships with customers, and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Empowering Sales Teams: Sales enablement training empowers sales teams to perform at their best. It equips them with product knowledge, sales techniques, and effective communication skills, enabling them to address customer pain points, overcome objections, and close deals successfully. Empowered sales representatives are more motivated and confident, leading to improved performance and increased sales.
  • Aligning with Marketing: Effective sales enablement fosters better alignment between sales and marketing teams. When both teams work cohesively, it ensures that marketing materials, content, and lead generation efforts are more closely tailored to the needs of the sales team and the target audience. This alignment streamlines the sales process, shortens the sales cycle, and enhances the overall customer experience.
  • Individualized and Customer-Centric Needs: Customers expect personalized experiences and solutions that address their specific needs. Sales enablement training creates a customer-centric approach, teaching teams to listen actively, understand customer pain points, and offer tailored solutions. This approach builds trust and rapport, leading to stronger customer relationships and higher customer retention rates.
  • Leveraging Technology: In an increasingly digital world, sales enablement leverages technology to enhance sales effectiveness. Sales enablement platforms, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, artificial intelligence, and data analytics enable sales teams to access valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. Integrating technology into sales enablement training ensures that sales representatives stay updated on the latest tools and best practices.
  • Adapting to Post-Pandemic Sales Environments: The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, leading to new selling environments, virtual selling, and remote sales. Sales enablement training addresses these changes, preparing sales teams to excel in virtual selling scenarios and leverage digital communication channels effectively.
  • Continuous Learning and Development: In a dynamic business landscape, learning and development are ongoing processes. Sales enablement training provides continuous learning opportunities for sales professionals to stay updated on industry trends, market developments, and new sales techniques. This adaptability and agility are essential to meet evolving customer expectations and business demands.

Sales Enablement Training is Not One-Size-Fits-All

When it comes to sales enablement training, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Custom learning allows companies to tailor every step of onboarding and training for their own processes, products, and more. In addition to custom learning solutions, adaptive learning allows for the continuous growth and analysis of customer-facing employees’ skills so that training focuses exactly on what the individual needs for their success.

As explained in Michael Allen’s Guide to e-Learning, Second Edition, individualized learning promotes better outcomes for the learner and adjusts to the specific answers, actions, and competency demonstrated by each user. Rather than presenting redundant or repeated information, individualized learning tracks sharpen and revisit skills that leave sales representatives with the knowledge, confidence, and processes needed to close more sales and work as a united team. 


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What’s Next for Sales Enablement Training?

Sales enablement training will continue to be at the forefront of many teams as the economy remains competitive through accelerated post-pandemic and technological innovations. Embracing sales enablement as a strategic initiative enables businesses to thrive, improve sales performance, and enhance customer satisfaction in an ever-changing business landscape.

If you’re ready to see the power of sales enablement training in action, we’re ready to help you meet your revenue goals. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo of our award-winning custom learning solutions.


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